Managed IT Services

Has your company tried running its own dedicated IT Department? If not, perhaps you have someone on staff who performs IT functions part time within your business. And maybe you’ve even tried outsourcing some of these functions.

If the results have been less than stellar in the past, then let us become your IT department going forward! Actively monitoring and maintaining your network so your business runs at maximum efficiency will always be our top priority.

What Are Managed IT Services?

For many companies, the typical daily “life cycle” routine of an IT network comprises three phases:

  • Everything’s working, more or less
  • Something breaks and it all stops working
  • Someone has to come and fix whatever’s broken to get it up and running again

Inevitably this run/break/fix routine results in some measure of downtime. And downtime takes its toll, and not just in frustration among your team; it also costs your company money.

With Managed IT services, on the other hand, businesses are able to delegate their network and communication needs to a responsible third-party with particular expertise in handling these functions. A Managed Service Provider (MSP) like FullScope IT is specially equipped to oversee both the implementation and maintenance of a company’s IT systems, from the purchase and installation of hardware and software, to providing round-the-clock monitoring, reporting, and issue resolution of the system.

Benefits of Using Third-party Managed IT Services

By hiring an MSP like FullScope IT, our clients enjoy the advantage of receiving professional IT support—but at a cost significantly lower than that of building and maintaining an in-house IT team. Moreover, our collective experience in managing multiple clients across a wide spectrum of industries prepares us to focus on individual clients with an arsenal of skills and expertise that no in-house IT department could possibly equal.

Because our approach to Managed IT is proactive rather than reactive, you can rest assured that your network will be solid to begin with—and then continue running smoothly over time. All responsibility for maintaining and monitoring your network falls on us. And while we provide you with access to a team of trained, experienced engineers whose only job is to ensure your business is stable, protected, and efficient, our predictable, all-inclusive monthly pricing helps reduce network costs overall.

So stop waiting for your technology to fail before addressing potential issues. We operate exactly the way your own internal IT department would. The only difference is that you reap all the benefits without the headaches and expense of managing the network on your own. That way, you can focus on growing your business rather than worrying about it!

And that’s another thing: FullScope’s managed it services are designed to help you grow. Whether you are taking on additional employees or moving to a newer, bigger location, we’ve got your back! With our all-inclusive pricing, all labor for network expansion is completely covered. Everything’s included, from setting up devices for new team members to preparing your technology for a move. Our team will even come back out to your new location to properly set up your technology after your move.

Call FullScope IT and let us help keep your infrastructure working efficiently and securely now—and into the future.